Welcome to Engage2innovate!

13th May 2024

Welcome to Engage2innovate! Image

Engage2innovate (E2i) is a three and a half years project funded by the Horizon Europe programme, aimed at investigating and addressing barriers to implementing EU security research and innovation outputs.

E2i is at the forefront of enhancing security research and innovation across Europe. This pioneering initiative emphasizes the importance of engaging end-users and stakeholders to ensure that security solutions are not only innovative but also practical and desirable. By focusing on real-world applications, E2i bridges the gap between cutting-edge research and everyday security needs.

One of the core elements of E2i is its comprehensive Security Research and Innovation (R&I) Toolbox. This toolbox is designed to support the development, implementation, and dissemination of effective security solutions. It offers a range of resources, methodologies, and best practices aimed at improving the uptake and impact of security innovations. By providing these tools, E2i empowers researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to collaborate more effectively and achieve greater results.

E2i’s human-centered approach is central to its success. By fostering collaboration among a diverse group of stakeholders, including researchers, security practitioners, policymakers, and citizens, E2i ensures that security solutions are tailored to the needs of those who use them. This collaborative approach not only enhances the relevance and effectiveness of security innovations but also builds trust and acceptance among end-users. Through E2i, Europe is setting a new standard for security research and innovation, driving forward solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.